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LION – Presented by the Centre for Distance Education

LION consists of a series of healthcare courses modified and extracted from the full-diploma offerings at our sister company, Centre for Distance Education [CD-ED]. CD-ED has been a provider of high-quality online education in business, digital arts, technology, and healthcare since 1996, graduating thousands into successful careers.

Our dedicated Admissions team at CD-ED discovered that a section of our prospective students were not ready to commit to a full-time diploma program. Some prospects didn’t have educational funds available for a year of study, a few prospects didn’t have the time to commit every week, and others were simply interested in one or two courses instead of an entire program.

In response to this demand, we developed LION to help those who wish to work in a more self-directed, one-course-at-a-time capacity. With this model, LION is able to provide professional development courses to:

  • People looking to enter the healthcare field for the first time who wish to know if it’s right for them;
  • Those who already work within the hospital system and wish to advance or switch departments; and
  • Healthcare professionals who need to re-certify or upgrade their skills.

At this time, we are focusing on our healthcare courses due to demand.

What’s the difference?

While CD-ED’s diploma programs offer a full year (or more) of instruction with weekly due dates, most of LION’s courses have no deadlines, which gives you the freedom to truly work at your own pace.

On the flipside, most LION courses do not have an instructor available for tutorial assistance or to check up on you the way CD-ED does, leaving you to build your own problem-solving toolbox and be responsible for your own course completion.

If you feel that you would benefit greatly from the relationship you can build with a dedicated instructor, feel free to apply for our full-length diploma programs! But if you want our instructor-curated content without submitting to close supervision, then LION is the way to go. This way, we can offer our high-quality educational content for a minimal price, getting you the information and training you need at a more affordable price.

Quality health, science, and office courses are important to us. We’re here to make sure you get the best self-directed education possible. Choose any course above for details, or review some of our articles below.

Every step of the way there were great tips and guidelines that helped me stay focused

I was very nervous about post-secondary schooling which is why it took until I was 39 years old to get the nerve to do it.  It was worth taking that step to get a better education with CD-ED [presenters of LION].   Everyone I have dealt with has made this experience enjoyable and inspiring. The team at CD-ED are wonderful at setting students up with the right strategies to succeed.  Every step of the way there were great tips and guidelines that helped me stay focused and how to know when to not overthink things.

-Jennifer Cajina

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