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HIM Grads All Pass Certification Exam

It’s exam time again here in Canada, and Health Information Management students at CD-ED are preparing to write the National Certification (NCE) exam that will decide their career’s future. 

A certified Health Information Management professional manages the information crucial to patients and health care providers throughout the health care system. They guide management decisions on how, where, and how long your records are kept. They also guide who has access to see them, and when to destroy old records. In all, HIM professionals collect and analyze information that helps support the health care system and all its participants.

The NCE exam is a gruelling, three-and-a-half-hour test that all Health Information Management professionals must complete. The exam covers seven different areas of discipline:

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Health Care Systems in Canada
  • Health Information
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Management
  • Ethics and Practice
  • Practical Experience

It’s a challenge to everyone who takes it. If a candidate successfully completes the NCE exam, they receive their national certification. That means they will be able to work as a Health Information Management Professional. As the field is very competitive, it’s a real honour to attain this certification. The exam is a long one, and it’s not something to attempt if you aren’t truly prepared.

February 2016 HIM Grads 100% Successful on NCE Exam

You’ll find a 46-page document on the CHIMA website giving an overview on how to write it! That’s a serious test. And that’s why all of us at CD-ED noted with excitement that the last time our HIM diploma program graduates challenged this exam – back in February – 100% of them passed and became certified! We really couldn’t be prouder of our graduates, our curriculum, and our instructors.

If privacy, data quality, electronic information and high standards of ethical conduct are important to you, you might make an ideal HIM professional. Learn more about this exciting career, and if you like what you see, apply with us.