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HIM 105.03 Anatomy & Physiology 15e

This course teaches the student how to understand how the human body is structured from the cellular to the tissue level, how tissues form organs and how the organs comprise various systems of the body. The student will learn the body systems – what each system does and the organs […]

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HIM 107.05 Pathophysiology 6th Edition

Pathophysiology involves the study of functional or physiologic changes in the body that result from disease processes. This subject builds on knowledge of the normal structure and function of the human body. Disease development and the associated changes to normal anatomy and/or physiology may be obvious or may be hidden […]

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MED 101 | Medical Terminology

Medical terminology is used to describe such things as parts of the body, locations in the body, bodily functions, diseases, surgical and clinical procedures, measurements, and medical instruments. A working understanding of this terminology is vital for the health professional’s ability to work within the health-care system’s various charts, reports, […]

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