MED 101 | Medical Terminology

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Categories: Medical Sciences
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Course Overview

Medical terminology is used to describe such things as parts of the body, locations in the body, bodily functions, diseases, surgical and clinical procedures, measurements, and medical instruments. A working understanding of this terminology is vital for the health professional’s ability to work within the health-care system’s various charts, reports, transcription tasks, billing procedures, and even the simple task of filing. Drawing on current technology, state-of-the-art medical practice, and the latest procedures and treatments, this course brings medical terminology to life. 

The dynamic images and compelling patient stories in the accompanying textbook further illustrate medical terminology in action. You will find that medical terminology comes alive and stays with you when you use this interactive, logical, and easy-to-follow method. Undeniably, the study of this language requires commitment and hard work, but the benefits are great. Knowledge of medical terminology will give you a strong start in your career

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