HIM 107.05 Pathophysiology 6th Edition

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Categories: Medical Sciences
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Course Overview

Pathophysiology involves the study of functional or physiologic changes in the body that result from disease processes. This subject builds on knowledge of the normal structure and function of the human body. Disease development and the associated changes to normal anatomy and/or physiology may be obvious or may be hidden with its quiet beginning at the cellular level. As such, pathophysiology includes some aspects of pathology, the laboratory study of cell and tissue changes associated with disease.

This course provides an introduction to pathophysiology for students in a variety of academic programs for the health professions. The student will learn the fundamental concepts and processes in pathophysiology, specific disorders/diseases of the various body systems, and the physiological changes related to aging, stress and other factors affecting the body, as well as Pharmacology and Medical Imaging. 

We trust that students will enjoy studying these topics and proceed with enthusiasm to more detailed studies within their individual specialties. Using this module, the student will develop a knowledge base from which to seek additional information. 

It is assumed that students have studied anatomy and physiology prior to commencing a pathophysiology course.

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