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The beauty of adaptive learning is that it caters to students across the entire spectrum of ability. Struggling students are provided with the support they need, while gifted students are able to bypass material they find basic, and spend their time on more challenging material. With systems based on models of knowledge retention, students are able to spend more time working to learn or retain material they don’t yet know or remember, rather than studying material they already know. In combination with learning analytics, students are able to develop their metacognitive skills, allowing them to understand their own learning more thoroughly. This individualized pacing and greater awareness are precisely what allows for the boosted results and reduced achievement gap found by Bloom. Adaptive learning systems also have an important impact on student engagement, encouraging deliberate practice and creating tangible, incremental signs of improvement and progress. For all students, but especially those who struggle with confidence and motivation, this encouragement and visible progress can make or break engagement with—and success in—a course.